Believe in the Cork Journal

No your not, you are an absolute train wreck. The year 2020 just dropped kicked you in the face.
But all is not lost, and like a good guardian angel, we have magically shown up (by way of this blog post / sales pitch) with the answer to all your problems.
Yup, and we have a special something that will help you deal with all the stress and meaningless drama you have managed to fill your life with. No it's not alcohol, but it is plant based!
A vegan cork journal custom laser etched with your design, artwork, or logo with premium lined pages that you can use to record all your thoughts and make that to-do list you need to get your life back on track!
We know the list is rather long by now, but writing everything down is the first step to getting it done. So start today and our workshop laser engraving elves will help by personalizing the hard eco friendly vegan cork front cover with whatever you like. We will even laser etch your name on the back cover as well so that no one gets your long list of life baggage confused with their own.
Your Name Laser Etched on the Back Cover Alongside Our Own
Lined Pages on Premium Paper
Cork Wrapped Hardcover Construction (Vegan, Sustainably-Harvested, Eco-Friendly)
Ribbon Page Marker
The Perfect Personalized Gift for Graduation or Birthdays!
Contemporary Minimalist Design
One Tree Planted on Your Behalf
Product Dimensions: 8.375" H x 5.5" W x .625" D
And if you don't take our advice, we might have to put your name on OUR list...

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