Sustainable (Sometimes) Bamboo Products?

The sustainable & eco-friendly side of bamboo based products stems (stems, get it?) from that fact that it grows rapidly, abundantly, renewably, without pesticides, and with very little water.
The catch is that just because it can be grown in a renewable fashion without pesticides or fertilizers doesn't mean it always is.  Because of high demand for the bamboo fibers for use in various products, farmers will sometimes still use pesticides, fertilizers, and clear existing forest in order to increase profits.
But its not all bad, because companies can choose to work with bamboo farmers and suppliers who do grow the plant in a renewable way ensuring that no pesticides or fertilizers are used. And in comparison to other crops, the bamboo plant requires less water and reduces C02 at a very high rate while reducing soil erosion. In it's raw form, bamboo fibers can provide a lightweight, flexible, and strong material which is used in a wide range of eco-friendly products from home furniture and decor to construction.
Sustainable Eco Friendly Bamboo Based Home Goods and Decor
When it comes to using bamboo fibers in fabric, there are more potential landmines to be careful of.

Bamboo fibers can be turned into fabric in a few different ways, some of which are sustainable and others which are not. Bamboo linen is processed by combing out the fibers into a course textile with no chemicals.  The end result is rather expensive and not nearly as soft as cotton, but it is very eco friendly due to the lack of chemicals used in production.

But when bamboo cellulose fibers are processed into soft Rayon or Viscose fabric, the chemical process required results in toxic waste such as carbon disulfide negating any potential eco-friendly properties of the plant.

But its not all bad news with Bamboo based fabric, Tencel brand lyocel uses whats known as a "closed loop" manufacturing process where 99% of the chemicals involved are recycled limiting the environmental impact.

In summary, bamboo can be a very sustainable and eco friendly material as long as you pay attention to the way it is grown, harvested, and processed.

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