The Best Vegan Collar for Your Bestest Pet!

So you adopted a puppy!

Which is a nice way of saying that you finally gave up on your chances of ever finding love, marriage, and eventually having children... and instead lived up to your parental instincts by burying your deep seated sense of failure in a fluffy, love-able, and adorable but undoubtedly silly creature.
Don't worry, you didn't actually want to bring another human life into this over heating doomed world anyway, trust us, its a bad place.
But never mind that, we know your still in denial about your reasons for adopting scruffy (even after you just spent two hours researching the best vegan dog food mix with included vitamins and essential oils because only the best for your bestest pet right?)
 So naturally once you found the best dog food money can buy, and then researched the best private doggy day care in town (which has a very long waiting list to get in), you ended up here after searching for the finest plant based, premium quality, personalized, hand made to order, luxury, cork, U.S.A. made, vegan dog collar and leash in the world. 
Yes, here in the Los Angeles based Etch Tailor workshop where we use traditional tools and techniques to hand craft the finest vegan cork dog collars in the world, we can indeed read your mind. Also we know our customers quite well and have heard your story before.
And we have something sustainable, sized to order, stylish, and personalized for you and your new fluffy friend!
Your Name (Or Your Bestest Pet's) Laser Etched (Topside) of Collar
Hand Crafted in Los Angeles
Collar Made to Order Custom Sized to Fit Your Dog! (Plus 2'' to Grow in Either Direction)
Multi-Layer Custom Import Iberian Cork Construction (Vegan, Sustainably-Harvested, Eco-Friendly)
Choice of Classic Pattern or Roots Pattern Cork
5x Re-enforced Grommets for Sizing (Middle Grommet Sized to Order)
Solid Brass Double Buckle with Matte Black PVD Scratch Resistant Coating
Cork Loop & Black D-Ring with Triple Riveted Assembly
1'' Width Perfect for All Breeds
One Tree Planted on Your Behalf
Leash with Riveted Multi-Layer Cork Construction & All Metal (Black) Swivel Hook (Optional) (56'' Length)
If you wish to engrave a name other than your own (like your best-est pet's name), or you wish to engrave a phone # instead of "Made to Order For" please leave us a note in the "Special Instructions for Seller" box on the cart page.
Measure the circumference of your dog's neck. If you don't have a flexible measuring tape, use a shoelace or string to measure, then hold that distance up against a ruler or tape measure laying flat. Specify your dog's neck measurement when ordering, and we will add 2 additional reinforced grommets on either side (spaced 1'' apart) allowing scruffy 2'' of room to grow in either direction (5 total grommets). The middle grommet should fit your your dog perfectly when you receive the collar.
If you have a dog outside the 9'' to 19'' neck circumference range, we don't believe you, send a cute photo of the rare pupper to and we will make special arrangements.
All leashes measure 56'' in length (including) Swivel Hook.
Our cork supplier in Portugal ensures that the naturally carbon dioxide reducing “montado” forest is a protected habitat for unique animal species to thrive, by only harvesting cork bark on 9 year cycles without cutting down trees. We support their efforts to ensure fair and safe working conditions for local skilled labor in the region. The cork is hand harvested by generational craftsmen using traditional tools and techniques before being treated using only water, heat, and pressure. Our custom cork is then backed to oeko-tex certified 100% cotton using a water based adhesive to ensure the end product remains as eco-friendly as possible.
Unfortunately, all e-commerce shipping results in a carbon foot print. We are committed to offsetting that environmental impact. Our cork fabric is sustainably harvested from trees that are not cut down, but our partnership with OneTreePlanted allows us to do more. We donate one tree to be planted on your behalf for every item sold through our online store.
Now get off of our website and go look after your new dog who is surely up to no good by now...
If you have a question just reach out to and we will be happy to assist you!

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