Vintage Style Cork & Canvas Golf Bag

Welcome to the year 2020.  The world is burning down in front of our eyes and some jokers out there are still insisting on riding around in carts as if that is the way golf is supposed to be played.
This blog post is directed at those jokers.
Your options are simple:
1 - Join the tour and hire a caddy
2 - Join the pushcart mafia
3 - Carry your golf bag like a sane person with self respect
And we all know that your Ping-oway-Made Neon-Master-Blaster-Super-Turbo-Maverick-Power-Hero-Select tour pro sized cart bag is way too heavy for your sorry ass to carry any father than your slice off the first tee.
Luckily for you, we have put together the the finest luxury golf bag with you in mind, and we even made it stylish.
Crafted with 100% cotton canvas and our custom roots pattern import Iberian vegan cork fabric.
Complete with four sectional club dividers, a button envelope score card pocket, five tee holder, d-ring towel hook, elastic ribbon jumper/sweater sleeve, deep exterior canvas pocket with elastic ribbon, zippered exterior utility compartment, reinforced cork strap with fleece lined shoulder pad, adjustable strap tri-bar and d-ring swivel hook, quadruple reinforced bottom panel, and custom fleece lined driver/wood/putter covers... this is our definition of minimal classic Sunday carry bag looks with cart bag functionality.
Hand made to order in Los Angeles using traditional crafting techniques and sustainably sourced materials.

Our custom import Iberian cork fabric is sustainably harvested by hand in Portugal in nine year cycles by generational craftsmen who carefully separate the bark from the tree without ever cutting it down. This ensures that the “montado” forrest remains a naturally CO2 reducing protected habitat for a diverse range of animal species as well as an economic lifeline for many in the region. After harvest, the cork is processed using water, pressure, and heat then backed to certified 100% cotton with a water-based adhesive to ensure the entire manufacturing process remains eco-friendly and plant-based.
You may still be a 25 hadicap, but your made to order luxury golf bag will be the envy of everyone on the course.

Oh, and it also works on carts. Just don't take any photos and tag us on Instagram, we have a brand to protect.

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